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Descriptif :

The error can be erased and the user corrects his mistake as if nothing happened!This PENTASTIC is really a FANTASTIC writing instrument!It is conceived in order to be able to erase whatever mistake by using the top of the pen and rewrite the correct copy.Everything works as if it were a classical pencil fitted with an eraser but, and this is the innovative part, you are in the presence of a good quality automatic ball pen.When presented to your targets it will become an actual conversation piece and enhance the precious dialogue which every advertiser wishes to be as long and friendly as possible.Each PENTASTIC RESTART constitutes an impeccable communication tool at minor cost.Turn it into your pleasant and effective business card which will gratify you with a well deserved smile and thank you from each happy recipient.We invite you to consult the www.PENTASTIC.ch website for more détails regarding the wonderful collection of PENTASTIC writing instruments.

Data sheet :

Ø : 11 mm
Width : 141 mm
Weight : 10 g
Ink : white and blue: blue, black: black
Material : ABS
Packing : individually cellowrapped +0.06 €
Customs code : 9608101000


VAT excluded
Available colours

Quantity 250
Unit price £1.60
The price includes 1 colour printing 1 position.
Second colour or position: +£ £0.150.
Full colour supplement only on the white model: +£ £0.180 / second side +£ £0.220.

Technical Charge £56.00

All our products are printed in France in our factory in Grasse 06 

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