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The idea of the week

AC 905 - ACTION pocket bookmarks/stickers

Open this Action planet friendly item and discover many colorful book marks on one side and many useful post it type sheets on the other side. with a very small... [follow]

AC 909 - Note pad/pen ACTION

Here is a perfect item for all your customers and prospects. The Action pen & Notepad is ideal to prepare a shopping list, write down scores and tips during a... [follow]


For countless users of SMARTPHONES and TABLETS here is the perfect accessory that will allow them to write in blue and sometimes red on paper or simply touch the screen... [follow]

AT 600 - Hybrid ACTION shopping bag

Hand out to your customers a very surprising bag : 50% natural cotton 130 gr/m2 and 50% non-woven 90 gr/m2. what a good looking association of materials ! The HYBRID... [follow]

AC 906 - 6 colour pencil set-PLANET FRIENDLY

This 6 colour pencil set is planet-friendly, presented in a recycled cardboard box and is ideal to pacify the children. A most appropriate advertising gift for every type of advertiser... [follow]

MG 9 - "M" magnetic board

Whether it be a shopping list, an appointment or a message to a family member, the MG9 Magnet equipped with its erasable marker is very useful. Think about it: In... [follow]

AC 2040 - Bottle opener CROMA key holder

Here is an advertising medium quite essential for the summertime. This model keychain bottle opener is a true classic of advertising specialties! It is solid, practical, affordable and always brings the... [follow]

AC 5005 - NATURA ball pen

Give your target an excellent ecological product. You can communicate with confidence!... [follow]

AT 610 - Cotton SHOPPING BAG

Today we can now offer you the possiblity, when launching your advertising campaign, to be completely ... mobile! Offer your customers and prospects the perfect bag, 130 grams/m2, 100% natural... [follow]

NT 11 - ACTION back pack

The advertising medium that meets the criteria of the bestseller: It is both useful, durable, fashionable, and offers a great print area for your important advertising message. Printing in multi... [follow]

BR 7 - ACTION XL lighter

The BR7 is the best example of lighter advertising and places it far above all others! A generous 25 x 55mm print surface with full color on both sides,... [follow]

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