; "M" magnetic board - MG9

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For a similar budget

MG 9
"M" magnetic board


250+500+1 000+5 000+10 000+

The price includes full colour printing.
Technical Charge £56.

* Prices excluding taxes and transport cost


  • Very practical, this magnetic chart is placed on the fridge, where the traffic of each household is at its most intense. It is furnished with a felt marker and an eraser allowing each user to either leave a message or make a list. It is also and excellent support used to record appointments, buy products, or simply to recall taking medication. It is of interest to many advertisers such as Pizza home delivery businesses, as well as the food and service industries.
  • Colour: 01/white
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Size: 100 x 140 mm
  • Material: magnetic sheet/polypropylene
  • Observation: White magnetic board + erasable black ink pen
  • Code douane : 3926909000


  • full colour : 100 x 140 mm

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