; OPTIWINE® Pocket Decanter number 4 - OP4

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OP 4
OPTIWINE® Pocket Decanter number 4



The price includes full colour printing on epoxy doming.
Technical Charge £56.



only available in multiples of 100 pcs.

* Prices excluding taxes and transport cost


  • After extracting the cork, insert the selected optiwiner immediately into the neck of the bottle by pressing firmly. Gently awaken the wine by slowly moving the bottle back and forth with a smooth rocking motion. - twice for a 37,5 cl bottle - 3 times for a 75 cl bottle - 5 times for a 150 cl bottle (magnum) This essential operation ensures the necessary nano-aeration of the wine and will activate its aromatic development. The longer you wait (at least 10 minutes before serving) the more you will get «the best of your wine.»
  • Strong points : Red wine from 0 to 4 years old.
  • Colour:
  • Weight: 13 g
  • Size: Ø 30 x 50 mm
  • Material: Surlyn
  • Packing: gift box
  • Observation: Red wine from 0 to 4 years old.

L'oxygène et le vin


  • full colour permavision : 22 x 14 mm

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